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Poppy Playtime Chapter 3


Walkthrough the game

Poppy Playtime Chapter 3 contains many creepy mysteries about huge toys. You explore a huge toy factory where many employees have disappeared.

Third chapter of the famous game series

The horror game series about giant toys released chapter 3 not long ago. The theme of chapter 3 is The Hour of Joy which is recognized as the darkest and most raw part by streamers. Chapter 3 is still about the journey of a former employee after falling off the train tracks in chapter 2. In this part. He arrived at the Playcare department of the Playtime toy company. This is the area where this company performs strange experiments. The main antagonist of this game is a cat-shaped toy called Catna. With a giant body and long legs and arms, it can move quickly and destroy anyone. This monster is the result of an experiment by the Playtime company. When you enter the Playcare area, you must be ready to face scary mysteries and monster toys. Only brave and courageous players can conquer this game.

The plot in Poppy Playtime Chapter 3

After passing out on the train tracks, the former employee regains consciousness to find himself being dragged away by Catnap and thrown into a trash crusher. Then, the former employee connected with a mysterious voice through the phone. The other said his name was Ollie who was Poppy's friend. He can give instructions to help the former employee survive and get out of Playcare. According to Ollie, the former employee had access to the power supply machine in Playcare. However, when the power supply machine is being started, the power is lost. Now, he will have to go and activate the generator in the dormitory. On the way, a mysterious red smoke surrounded the main character and he hallucinated. After that, he met Poppy and Kissy Missy again but they were not malicious in this chapter 3. They need the former employee to take revenge on the Prototype who tortured them. As long as Catnap is eliminated, Poppy and Kissy Missy can reach the Prototype. Now, you need to participate in this game to know what will happen next in this mysterious story.

Poppy Playtime Chapter 3 gameplay

In this game you need to survive in a dangerous environment where there are horror toy monsters. They will attack you if they see you wandering around the Playcare area.

Collect keys and use mask

When moving in Playcare, you need to follow Ollie's instructions. He knows the map of Playcare well so his instructions will be of great help to you. There are many locked doors so you have to find the keys. These keys are hidden in many random locations in the amusement park. After opening these doors, you can enter the Gas Production Zone. Besides dangerous toys, red smokes are also very dangerous. To survive in an environment surrounded by red smoke, you need to use a gas mask. The gas mask helps you see more clearly in red smoke environments and protects you from illusion effects.

Defeat Catnap

The character Catnap is actually a boy who was saved by Experiment 1006 when he was injured. The boy's mind was transported into Catnap's body. From then on, Catnap became a henchman of Experiment 1006 and is ready to destroy anyone who dares to disrespect Experiment 1006. Catnap will not jump at you like Mommy Long Legs or Huggy Wuggy, but it will stalk the player. Catnap was the one who released the deadly red smoke. As soon as you get the fully charged battery, Catnap immediately finds you and chases you. The only thing that can destroy Catnap is the electricity on the Grab Pack. When Catnap was about to fall, Experiment 1006 appeared. Instead of saving Catnap, Experiment 1006 immediately destroyed this loser.

The monster toys in Poppy Playtime Chapter 3

This part 3 has the appearance of many monster toys but not all of them are bad people. You will have the opportunity to fight directly with Catnap - a cat toy monster. Now, I will introduce you to the characters that you will meet when participating in this game.


Catnap, also known as Experiment 1188, is assigned a mission in Playcare. It worships Experiment 1006 as a god and punishes anyone who dares to get in Experiment 1006's way. Although it looks like a purple cat, it is somewhat scary and creepy. Black eyes and a wide mouth make Catnap scary. In addition, Catnap has the ability to create red smoke without causing death. However, this red smoke is the cause of the hallucination. Some victims have experienced horrifying nightmares when exposed to this red gas.

Poppy and Missy Kissy

Kissy Missy and Poppy appear briefly and reveal a few important secrets. Poppy said she is not the former employee's enemy but that they need the former employee to take revenge. Poppy's enemy is Prototype. After witnessing the former employee destroy the monsters in the previous two chapters, Poppy believes he can destroy the Prototype as well. In this part, Missy Kissy seems quite friendly even though at first she also intended to attack the former employee.


This is probably the character with the most tragic ending in part 3. He was held down by Catnap and attacked, seriously injuring him. He was then taken over by the small Smiling Critters and took control of his body. He then went after the former employee. This character initially has an optimistic and cheerful personality. It tried to fight Prototype and Catnap but it failed.

Miss Delight

This character looks like a girl with blonde hair but her face is completely ruined. She was one of the babysitters in Playcare and she was locked up here. Her weapon is a mace made from school supplies and she calls it Bard.

Huggy Wuggy

This character is the famous symbol of the Poppy Playtime series. In this part, he also appears for a few seconds. When the former employee got lost in the illusion caused by the red smoke, he was attacked by Huggy Wuggy. It's only a few seconds, but this villain's sudden attack makes you feel scared. However, as soon as this monster was able to touch you, you were released from the illusion.

Highlights in Poppy Playtime Chapter 3

Just like the previous two chapters, this chapter is also highly appreciated by many players. Next, let's take a look at the highlights of this horror game.

Improved maps and backgrounds

You can experience more areas on the map such as scrapyard, Playcare, Play House, etc. All of these areas are old and bring a creepy feeling to the player. This map not only provides space for players to experience, but it also reveals many secrets.

New and unique mechanism

In this part, the Grab Pack hands are also improved with a completely new function. Besides being stretchable and sturdy, the Grab Pack now has the ability to fire flares. It helps players see their surroundings clearly and flares also scare small Smiling Critters. This also increases the main character's interaction with the surrounding environment.

Impressive graphics and music game

When it comes to chapter 3 of this series, graphics and sound will certainly be highly appreciated. With realistic 3D graphic design, players can even see every scratch on the walls. From there, players have a real feeling like they are lost in a horror world. Game sounds will be properly integrated at different times. The voices of the characters are also meticulously invested in accordance with the personality and circumstances of each character.

Above is the information you should know before playing Poppy Playtime Chapter 3. After having this knowledge, you will fully experience the mysterious and suspenseful situations in this game. You can come and experience this horror game for free at our website.