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Poppy Office Nightmare


Poppy Office Nightmare is where you are trapped in a dark office and your mission is to find all the lost toys and try not to be caught by Huggy Wuggy.

Find the answers in Poppy Office Nightmare

Hide Huggy Wuggy

Navigate your way inside an abandoned toy factory and search for five lost toys without being caught by Huggy Wuggy, a scary and crazy furry toy that will take your breath away. .

You're only armed with a flashlight to explore a large, dark structure at night, which is a bad idea to begin with. Luckily, you can use that flashlight to fight back monsters that are approaching you. Even though it wasn't an effective weapon, it was still better than nothing. Can you successfully explore a factory full of rooms with a terrifying creature roaming around, watching your every step?

Search for objects

In addition to avoiding being caught by Huggy Wuggy, players must also solve puzzles to find the lost toy. These puzzles require not only quick thinking but also patience and logical thinking. Each toy found not only gets you closer to completing the mission, but also unlocks parts of the story, helping players better understand the mystery behind this toy factory.

How to control the character

  • Use WASD to move
  • Use Left Mouse (LMB) to attack
  • Use Shift to run
  • Use Space to jump
  • Use Ctrl to crouch

Use your wits to survive

Poppy Office Nightmare offers a tense and challenging gaming experience. With a dark and gloomy office environment, players must use their intelligence and quick reaction skills to avoid being detected by Huggy Wuggy.

Each night in the game poses new challenges and requires players to find new ways to survive. The game is designed in detail and creates a realistic horror space, making players feel like they are really trapped in a haunted toy factory.

How to detect Huggy Wuggy approaching you

Pay attention to some signs such as the sound of footsteps, heavy breathing, or other characteristic sounds that Huggy Wuggy makes when it moves. Additionally, using headphones can help you determine Huggy Wuggy's direction and distance more accurately. In some cases, you can also see his silhouette through the light of a flashlight or in the dark. Always stay alert and be ready to run away or find shelter when necessary.

Ideas by Poppy Office Nightmare

The idea behind this game is derived from the original survival horror game called Poppy Playtime Chapter 3, designed by MOB Games. Combines puzzle and survival elements in an environment full of danger and surprises. The plot revolves around exploring an abandoned toy factory and facing Huggy Wuggy, a terrifying creature lurking. The game is designed to create a tense and challenging atmosphere, while exploiting the player's fears through interaction with the game's environment and characters.

Poppy Office Nightmare is not just an ordinary horror game but also a fascinating story about survival, courage and unsolved mystery. Prepare yourself and enter the world of Poppy Office Nightmare, where each decision you make could be the difference between life and death.