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About Slide In The Woods

Slide In The Woods is an exploration horror game that takes you to a creepy place. You will meet a monster with a terrifying appearance and it will chase you.

A strange slide appeared in the wood. You come and start sliding on this slide. You keep repeating this action from morning to night. At night, suddenly something strange happened. A bloody sack appeared on the slide. Next, a long red hand pulled it down the slide. Suddenly, you read a newspaper about missing people in town. What strange thing is going on? To find out the truth, you decide to go down the slide to find out the secret behind this strange slide.

What happens in Slide In The Woods

As you go down the slide, the tube becomes longer and it resembles a road. That's right, the tube of the slide is the path leading to a gloomy place with an ancient stone building. You climb the stairs to this building to discover the truth. When you enter here, you need to feed the mysterious creature in the wormhole. You need to cut 3 chains to drop a bundle of food into the hole. At this point, the round door will slowly open and you need to go through this round door to return to the real world. Don't go into the rectangular door because the monster will appear in this door. The monster will chase you in the tube even after you jump through the circular door. Keep crawling forward and don't stop. Finally you will reach the exit door to the real world. After you return to the forest, the slide also automatically disappears. After you complete this game, you can move to Happy Wheels.