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Backrooms Escape 1


Introducing the game Backrooms Escape 1

Backrooms Escape 1 is a dramatic survival game. You will have to continuously move through rooms like a matrix diagram to complete the required task.

Missions in the game

In this mysterious space, you won't be able to escape from here if you don't find a ladder to escape. Finding the ladder is a process of finding 7 boards to install and create a complete ladder. After successfully assembling the ladder, your final task is to find a hole in the room to escape. All of this process has a common goal: to escape from the dangerous and scary room as quickly as possible.

The creepy secret about the room

If you think this room has nothing to worry about other than its complex design, you are wrong. This room contains many scary things, most especially the appearance of bold monsters. These monsters have horrifying shapes and will constantly chase you to destroy you. Try to distract them and keep looking for planks to escape quickly.

To have a more general view of the room, you can look at the miniature map. This map details your movements, monsters, and the location where you can climb the ladder to escape from this horror room. When it comes to scary rooms, you can't miss the game Five Nights at Freddy's suggested here.

Accessible gameplay

The game has an easy-to-control gameplay. To move the player, use the WASD keys or the arrow keys. After finding the ladder, press the spacebar or Tab key to jump up the ladder. In addition, the game also provides you with parameters for you to easily observe. For example, playing time, lives, and number of boards picked up. With a magical game design combined with accessible gameplay, it will bring you dramatic and fun gaming moments.