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Poppy Strike 2


About to Poppy Strike 2

Poppy Strike 2 is an intense shooting game between you and the Poppy monsters. They are attacking you in large numbers, so reload your ammunition and shoot.

Beautiful pixelated environment

The game is designed with the familiar pixel graphics you often see in Minecraft games. For this game, you will not need to mine and build, but you will need to use the terrain in the game to run and attack. Unique designs will help you have a great shooting space. The staged scene with full lighting makes the game more intense than ever.

Load ammo and shoot

In the game you will play the role of a professional shooter, your mission is to shoot down all the Poppy monsters that want to attack you. They appear a lot in this beautiful pixel land. So put your gun on and shoot them all down before they get bigger and stronger. Try to reload as quickly as possible so as not to interrupt shooting time. Each time you reload, you will load 100 bullets. To accurately shoot the Poppy monster, you only need 2 to 3 bullets, and don't forget to take advantage of explosive packs to destroy Poppy more effectively. The more Poppies you shoot, the more points you will get.

Attractive shooting game

In the game you will find extremely pleasant shooting and controls. It's not like other shooting games that require too many keys and operations to play. Because of this feature, the game is very suitable to help you entertain every day and improve your shooting skills. To increase the realism, the game has created energetic shooting sounds, helping you raise your spirit and stay alert to destroy the monster tornado approaching you. If you love games about Poppy, you can join the game FNF Poppy Playtime Chapter 3: Project Funk.