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Robux: Mega Obby


Introducing the game Robux: Mega Obby

Robux: Mega Obby is an adventure game that depicts the journey to reach the highest point of the course. Utilize your high-jumping skills to conquer this game.

Colorful road

Coming to the game, you will be able to participate in running on a unique and colorful road frame. To create this magical journey is a combination of planks and geometric blocks suspended in space. Your goal is to conquer the endpoint on this road.

If this road and this road are connected with planks and geometric blocks, running through these roads will be very easy for you. But in this game, the boards and geometric blocks will be arranged one after another, between them there will be a gap that requires you to jump to reach the next positions. Jumping up, jumping up even higher is the outstanding feature of this interesting game. To have new jumping experiences you can join the Happy Wheels game.

What skills are needed to face dizzying heights?

The game challenges players at incredible heights. To stand firm and continue the journey ahead, you need to practice some skills. Skills in observing and calculating jumps. To be able to safely move from one board to another or from the board to the block position, you need to choose the right position to make your jump. Jump too far and you may fall and have to return to the original starting point. One of the skills that you have to use the most is the jumping skill. Train your jumping skills professionally to be able to jump on any terrain in the game. Finally, your flexible movement skills on the road, try to adjust the character in the right direction so that the movement does not make mistakes. Practicing all of the above skills proficiently will help you conquer your destination faster.

How to control the character

The game has simple character controls and is very easy to control. Try to control the following keys well to have smooth dance moves!

  • Use WASD keys to move
  • Use spacebar to jump
  • Use the Tab key to pause
  • Click to control the camera

Outstanding features in Robux: Mega Obby

To create unique highlights for the game, it is impossible to ignore the following interesting features:

  • The game is designed with extremely beautiful 3D graphics that bring many good impressions to players
  • The map in the game is diverse and challenging
  • The game is highly entertaining so you can sit and play for hours
  • Collect gold coins to upgrade your character and buy more mascots to accompany you
  • The game has simple gameplay, easy gameplay suitable for all ages