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Unleashing Battles in Cards Of The Undead

Are you ready for zombie combats in Cards Of The Undead? Guide the hero cards to eliminate obstacles and defeat the zombie cards to earn a lot of coins.

A Thrilling Encounter with Zombies

This game introduces a strategic card-based battle system. You assume control of a hero card, which serves as your representative on the playing field. The objective is to eliminate zombie cards and collect valuable coin cards by strategically maneuvering the hero card. The game offers various card types, including power-up cards, hero cards, coin cards, zombie cards, and trap cards. The hero card possesses a numerical strength value, indicating its combat capabilities. You must exercise caution and target zombie cards with lower numerical values while avoiding confrontations with stronger opponents. Eliminated zombie cards transform into coin cards, adding a rewarding element to the gameplay.

Special Abilities and Power-Ups

To enhance the hero's prowess, power-up cards play a crucial role. By collecting these cards, you can increase the strength of your hero and accumulate experience points. Experience points contribute to leveling up, granting you free boosters that can be employed during challenging encounters. These boosters provide valuable assistance when faced with difficult situations. By mastering the art of card manipulation and utilizing special abilities, you can triumph over the undead and emerge as victorious defenders against the zombie menace.

How to control: Click the left mouse button to move your hero card.

Diverse Characters in Cards Of The Undead

This game features a roster of five unique characters: Prepper Paul, Sneaky Sadie, Beefy Brody, Nerdy Niki, and Hunter Hector. Each character possesses distinct abilities and can be purchased using in-game coins. You must carefully choose your favorite character, considering your playstyle and special attributes, before venturing into battles.