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Stuck in Backrooms

Backrooms Escape is about an escape from Backrooms that contain creepy creatures. You collect planks to form a ladder to escape through a hole in the ceiling.

You are in a yellow room which in Backrooms. Stepping out of the room, you see many other rooms. This place is like an endless maze with similar rooms. You must find a way to escape from here because monsters are wandering around next to you. You don't have any weapons, so don't get caught by the monsters. The only way out is a hole in the ceiling that you can't reach. You decide to assemble a ladder so you can escape from here. You may encounter some famous monsters in Poppy Survive Time: Hugie Wugie.

Ways to escape from Backrooms in Backrooms Escape

Monsters are ready to attack you at any time. They are very numerous and strong while you can only run away. Only finding a way out will help you survive in this game.

Create a ladder

As you know, the exit of the Backroom is very high and you need a ladder to reach it. The raw materials to make a ladder are planks scattered in Backrooms. You need to move around the Backrooms to find enough planks to create a ladder. You can determine the location of the planks through the yellow dots on the mini-map. In addition, the mini-map also shows your location and the monsters in the mini-map. This helps you avoid monster attacks.

3 opportunities for you

Each game match, you will have 3 chances to survive when attacked by monsters. If you get attacked a third time, you will have to start the game again. This game is quite difficult as the monster's speed is very fast. It only takes them a few seconds to find you, so you have to keep moving. Standing still in one place is creating an opportunity for monster