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Ice Scream is a horror game where you have to rescue your friends from a scary ice cream seller named Rod. Become a hero to rescue innocent kidnapped children.

Villains and horror character in this game

The main horror character in this game is Rod Sullivan, a seemingly friendly ice cream seller who has a dark plan. Rod uses his ice cream truck to kidnap children, especially chubby children, and take them to secret places. He has the ability to freeze his victims with supernatural powers and mysteriously hide them.

Rod is not only a predator, but also a complex character with his own secrets and reasons behind his actions. You will play as Daniel J. Brown, must rescue your friends and discover Rod's secrets to stop his plans. The hero incarnation finds out the truth of the incident and continues to become a detective in the next game, Hello Neighbor.

Specific tasks to do in Ice Scream

Rescue the babies

Innocent babies are accidentally kidnapped by Rod. I don't know where they will go in the future, but bad things will happen and you can't let this perverted ice cream seller do that. Infiltrate his lair, find every corner where there are babies and release them. Act carefully to not be discovered by Rod, otherwise you may be his next victim.

Avoid being discovered by Rod

In the process of rescuing innocent babies, you must not let Rod discover you. He will not leave alone those who sabotage his plans. If you are accidentally caught, run quickly to escape from him. Find a safe path and avoid obstacles to keep your distance from Rod. In case you are caught, you will be locked up or defeated. The mission fails and you have to go back to the beginning. Take advantage of everything that can help you avoid this creepy ice cream seller from objects on the road or use the very obstacles that hinder the creepy ice cream seller.