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Hello Neighbor plays the role of a person who suspects his neighbor is hiding a dark secret. Infiltrate the neighbor's house, find out and discover that secret.

Specific tasks need to be done in Hello Neighbor

Find a way to get into your neighbor's house and explore different rooms, hallways and areas. Learn about the structure of the house and look for signs or hints about secrets. Face puzzles and obstacles in the house. You must find clever ways to overcome these obstacles, using items and your surroundings to solve them.

One thing to keep in mind is to avoid the attention of neighbors. He will try to stop you and arrest you if he discovers you entering the house. You need to keep your distance and avoid the neighbors' attention by moving smartly, hiding and using tricks to escape.

Acts you need to know

Act 1

Explore your neighbor's house and try to find out the secret he is hiding. Your mission is to find a way into the house, collect keys and solve puzzles to progress further. The house will have many levels of security and obstacles for you to overcome.

Act 2

Continue exploring a new area in your neighbor's house, called The Neighbor's Basement. Find out about what's going on in the vault and find ways to access locked areas.

Act 3

In this Act, you need to continue to explore new areas of the house and learn about your neighbors' dark secrets. Learn about your neighbors' past and the strange events that happen.

Act Finale

Act Finale is the end of the game. You will go head-to-head with your neighbors and resolve the ultimate tense confrontation. Access the final secret that the neighbors are hiding.

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