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Granny is widely known for her difficult gameplay and unique characters. You need to solve key puzzles to be able to escape from granny's house.

Escape from the evil house

You are captured by a creepy granny and locked in her house. You wake up and see an old and creepy view of the house. If you don't escape this house, you will be the next one killed by granny. Even though she seems frail, you cannot resist the pestle in her hand. However, the main door, which was the only way out, was locked by many different types of locks. You need to find their key to escape. Your time is running out so you must act before granny kills you. If you want to play a horror exploring game, you can't skip Poppy Playtime Chapter 3. That game will reveal many creepy secrets about the Poppy Playtime series.

How to survive and find keys in Granny

Granny is really dangerous because she can attack you as soon as she sees you. The way to survive in this game is quite difficult and solving the puzzles to get the keys is also not easy.

Keep silent and hide from granny

Granny can hear every noise, even the smallest sound. Therefore, when traveling you need to be careful to avoid making noise. However, you can actively create noise to distract granny. You can then move to another location to find keys or objects. You need to try to avoid falling into Granny's sight. If you are in the room that granny is entering, you can hide. Safe hiding locations such as under beds, behind walls or large cabinets. Sometimes, you can find a weapon that can disable granny for a certain period of time.

Search for the key

You need many steps to find the key to the emergency exit. You need to make use of many objects you find to get the key. Useful objects or keys to cabinet doors can be in drawers or hidden in inconspicuous locations. Move around the house and open all the cabinets and drawers to find the necessary items.

Game control

  • You can use WASD or arrow keys to move around
  • Swipe the mouse to look around
  • You can pick up objects or drop it by press the E key
  • When you have a gun, click the left mouse button to shoot on granny. Of course, the gun only disables granny for 2 minutes 30s.