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Poppy Playtime Chapter 1


Poppy Playtime Chap 1 is a first-person horror game that takes the role of an employee at a toy company. Discover the dark secrets being hidden by this company.

Plot of Poppy Playtime Chapter 1

Part one revolves around a toy company that closed down and left behind special dolls called "Poppy Playtime". Play as a new employee involved in discovering the truth behind this company. Entering the abandoned toy company, he quickly realizes that not everything in there is as it seems. Poppy Playtime dolls look incredibly scary and seem to have supernatural powers. Learn about the history and secrets of this company to learn about what caused it to close and what happened to Poppy Playtime.

Throughout your journey, you need to search for clues, solve puzzles and challenges to make your way deeper into the toy company. Explore secret laboratories, gloomy corridors and dark areas of the company. In the process, you also have to face Poppy Playtime and other dolls, and ensure your own safety.

Work to be done

  • Explore the toy company: You will have to explore the entire abandoned toy company, from laboratories to gloomy areas. Look for traces, learn about the company's history and find important information.
  • Solve puzzles and challenges: You need to learn the mechanics, find ways to activate devices and use them to overcome barriers and progress further in the game.
  • Learn about Poppy Playtime: Poppy Playtime plays an important role in the story. You need to learn about the secrets and powers of these dolls. Investigation into the cause of the company's closure and events related to Poppy Playtime.
  • Deal with Poppy Playtime: Deal with Poppy Playtime and other dolls during play. Find ways to avoid them, find weaknesses and ensure your own safety.


Movement: Use the arrow keys or WASD to move the main character in 3D space. You can go up, down, forward, backward, and side to side.

Jump: Use the spacebar or jump key to jump up. This may be necessary to overcome obstacles or avoid dangers in the game.

Interaction: Use the interaction key (usually the E or F key) to interact with objects in the environment. You can open doors, push objects, or perform other actions to progress further in the game.

Compare Poppy Playtime Chapter 3 and Chapter 1


Poppy Playtime Chapter 3 takes players to the Playtime Co. factory. Much larger than Chapter 1, with many new areas to explore such as office areas, manufacturing plants, play areas, etc. The level of detail in the environments of Chapter 3 is much higher than that of Chapter 1, contributing to a more terrifying and haunting atmosphere.


Chapter 3 has a more complex and mysterious plot than Chapter 1. Chapter 3 introduces many new characters, contributing to clarifying the story and the relationships between the characters. Chapter 3 has more surprising and interesting details than Chapter 1, making players always curious and want to explore further.

Style play

Chapter 3 has more challenges and puzzles than Chapter 1, requiring players to think and apply more skills. Chapter 3 introduces some new mechanics such as using grappling hooks, controlling different characters, and more. Chapter 3 has a more terrifying and haunting atmosphere than Chapter 1, with more jumpscares and scary monsters.