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Happy Wheels


Experience physical gameplay

Happy Wheels is a bloody game with dangerous physical action and a unique character. Control the character to reach the finish line in this game to win.

This game is not a horror survival game like Five Nights at Freddy's Security Breach but it will also have many bloody scenes that will scare you. A character is riding a bicycle and riding straight ahead. There are many thorns and deadly traps along the way that you need to avoid. These traps can cause the main character to break an arm, leg or body part.

How to pass a stage in Happy Wheels

Each stage has a destination at the end of the path. You just need to help the character get to this position to complete a stage. To complete this mission, you also need to keep the character safe.

Reach the destination

The destination can be in the air or even on dangerous traps. However, you just need to pass the finish flag, you can experience the next stage. The special thing is that the stages are available and the game allows you to choose any stage, even the most difficult stage. So, you can gradually increase your skills by choosing the right stage.

Be careful with obstacles

Giant gears or sharp spikes will injure your character even if he is driving a bicycle. Therefore, you need to minimize the character's injury rate. If the character breaks an arm or leg, you can still continue to control him to the finish line. However, if the character is too injured, you will have to start the game again.