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The playing instruction of A Night At Andy's

A Night At Andy's will take you on a pound-hearting dice game. You are challenged to get the target sum to avoid being assassinated by Andy.

The Dice Game

This game was inspired by Five Nights at Freddy's; upon entering the room, you are faced with the unnerving presence of Andy, the green-haired evil clown. The objective is to defeat him in a dice game by achieving the target score within a strict time limit of one minute.

The dice game revolves around two types of dice: positive and negative. Positive dice contribute to increasing your score, while negative dice decrease it. Players must carefully consider the outcomes of their dice throws to maintain or reach the target score. The target score is the critical number you must aim for to survive. If the player's cumulative score exceeds or falls below the target score, Andy will swiftly carry out his deadly intentions. Time is of the essence, as you must achieve the target score before the one-minute time limit expires, or they will face a grim fate.

How to control

If you want to look around, use the mouse.

If you want to throw positive dice, press an E key.

If you want to throw negative dice, press an A or Q key.

If you want to pause the game, press the P key.

Effective strategies to survive in A Night At Andy's

Observing the Screen

Before the game begins, you should focus on the screen located on the left wall of the room. This screen may provide valuable information or clues that can help you during the dice game. Paying attention to details displayed on the screen might offer strategies or insights into Andy's behavior.

Strategic Dice Throwing

To maximize the chances of reaching the target score, you must strategically manage their dice throws. It's crucial to weigh the potential gains and losses associated with positive and negative dice. Consider the current score, remaining time, and the gap between the current score and the target score when deciding which dice to throw.

In addition, the time limit of one minute adds an additional layer of pressure to the game. You must balance quick decision-making with calculated moves. It is advisable to keep track of the time remaining and allocate it wisely between observing the screen, strategizing, and executing dice throws.