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CatNap: Survival and Morphs


About CatNap: Survival and Morphs

CatNap: Survival and Morphs is a dramatic game that requires you to complete set tasks. Try to escape the pursuit and survive to the end to become the leader.

The game challenges your courage when entering mysterious rooms. Your goal is to find batteries to install in the control panels, this will make you survive and be the only one to complete this difficult task.

Explore the rooms

The game takes you into an endless space with rooms connected by doors and stairs. Now explore each room in turn, looking for all the surrounding objects to find the hidden battery. Pay attention to the faintly printed clues on the screen, follow those directions to find the battery. During the process of moving, you will encounter very scary monsters. In this case, run forward to find the doors to run, do not run in a straight line because it will be easy to find and chase. Friend.

Unlock many new masks

During the move, try to collect coins to be able to unlock many characters that you see as soon as you enter the game in the waiting room. These characters are a bit strange, but they make you more special than ever.

Multiplayer game

The game creates a waiting room where you will see many other players participating. At the start, each player will find their own direction to start searching. During the game, you can update the status of other people who are still alive or have been destroyed by monsters. These notifications will be a warning to you, as fewer people survive, the monster's pursuit will become more terrifying, so be careful.

How to control

Use WASD keys or arrow keys to control the character. When in close contact with the batteries, the character will automatically interact.