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About Cartoon Cat - School Horror

Cartoon Cat - School Horror is a nighttime horror game that will startle you. Your friends are being threatened by a scary cat in school, rescue them now!

Background in the game

The location of the game is a school at night, the creepy space surrounding the school will make you tremble in fear. At night, a cat that walks on two legs will appear in this school, capturing and imprisoning your friends in a certain room. Be brave enough to hold a flashlight and enter the school so you can find your friends.

Distract the cat

Stepping inside the school, you will see that your surroundings are covered in darkness. You will have to search all the rooms in the school to find your friend. You will be equipped with a flashlight, turn it on to determine the direction and promptly detect where the cat is. If you see a cat nearby, turn off the lights and run away. Don't leave the light on for too long because the light will attract the cat and it will chase you immediately. Pay attention to the wool roll that you are equipped with, this wool roll has the effect of distracting the cat. In case of emergency, throw this ball of wool at the cat and it will focus on the ball of wool and stop chasing you. To escape the cat's pursuit, train yourself to move quickly and react flexibly to deal with unexpected situations. Don't let the cat catch you!

How to control

The game has intuitive controls, please practice with the following keys to participate in the game.

  • Use WASD keys to move
  • Use space bar to jump
  • Use the E key to open the door
  • Use the F key to turn on the light
  • Use Q key to throw wool
  • Use Shift + W to run quickly

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