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Coffin Of Andy And Leyley


Coffin Of Andy And Leyley is caught up in a voodoo ritual and needs to eat human. The story revolves around how they escape the consequences of their actions.

The plot of the game

Brothers Andrew and Ashley Graves, who face a dark reality after a failed satanic ritual leaves them cursed with cannibalistic hunger. This urgent situation forces them to take extreme actions to survive, testing the limits of their moral compass and the strength of family bonds.

In Episode 1, Andrew and Ashley are trapped in their house after a local quarantine order, slowly starving to death because there is nothing left in the house. One day, they discover a pagan neighbor trying to summon a demon. Although the summoning was successful, the demon took his soul, and Andrew and Ashley decided to kill and eat his corpse to survive.

Episode 2, Andrew and Ashley discover they have no money and are running out of money. Their house was on fire and they decided to break into their parents' house to get money, but the plan failed because their mother came home earlier than expected. The Graves family has an awkward dinner together, with Ashley arguing with Andrew that they should sacrifice and kill their parents to prevent them from revealing that they survived, which could get them charged.

The story continues with dramatic and tense plot twists, as each decision Andrew and Ashley make not only affects their fate but also raises questions of morality and social acceptance.

Tasks to be done

Players take turns controlling Andrew and Ashley, each with unique characteristics and influences on the plot. Listen and follow the game's instructions such as cleaning the room, using the washing machine, and performing other tasks to progress the story.

The important thing is to make your own decisions for each character. The decisions you make throughout your gameplay will have an impact on the final outcome and ending of the game. Each decision is important and has different consequences leading to different outcomes.

Prepare yourself mentally for a murder, it could be one person or more. The game has elements of violence and gore, so you need to be mentally prepared for such situations to avoid being surprised.

The missions revolve around the outcome of these two unusual characters, so let's not say much more, let's get into the game right away.