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Darkness In Spaceship


Noteworthy information about Darkness In Spaceship

Darkness In Spaceship is an exciting action horror game. You are tasked with shooting down monsters in your spaceship and trying to stay alive.

The plot

This game is around the plan of protecting your spaceship. Because everything on Earth was destroyed, you and all people on Earth must fly to another suitable planet for habitation. In each huge spaceship, the people of each nation's habitat. One day, when doing a mission on a nearby planet, you receive a message from your ship. You are informed that your spaceship is attacked by Zion Ship. The purchase request of the Zion Ship was refused by your commander, so they attacked your spaceship. They use a dangerous virus that transforms all the people in your spaceship into monsters. You are asked to return to your spaceship quickly and get ready for a thrilling fight against the monsters.

Daring shootouts in the spaceship

Like Bigfoot Hunting, this game also has action elements. In this game, you are armed with many weapons such as guns and knives. You must use these weapons to eliminate all monsters you meet in your spaceship. One tip is to avoid getting close to the monsters if you do not want to be attacked. Ensuring you keep a watchful eye on the blood bar located at the screen's base is paramount, as losing all of this life indicator will result in the game concluding. Sometimes, you can hide in a secret place to wait for your health to recover automatically before continuing the combat.


If you want to run around, use the WASD keys.

If you want to run faster, hold the shift + arrow keys.

If you want to shoot, click the left mouse button.

If you want to change your weapons, scroll the mouse wheel.

If you want to reload the game, use the R key.