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Draw Climber


About Draw Climber

Draw Climber is an exciting and creative game where you can create crazy legs. Your goal is to outpace your opponents to secure victory in each round.

Draw legs to run

The game provides players with a lot of inspiration to stimulate the creativity of everyone through drawing legs. You will draw legs for the shape in the game to make it move as fast as possible. You can draw any shape for your legs, but you need to draw quickly and constantly change strategies during the drawing process. Because the terrain in the game will constantly change, you need to draw suitable legs to overcome these terrains as quickly as possible. Use the legs you create to conquer all the levels in the game right now!

Compete with other players

An interesting feature in the game is that each turn you will compete with random players. When other players are competing, you will find the game much more interesting, which is also the motivation for you to create more new pairs of legs capable of running faster. Two players will compete together, whoever reaches the finish line first will be the winner. After each time you play, you will gain more interesting experiences so you can improve for the next time you play.

Fun entertaining game

The game brings you an extremely rewarding but equally fun playground. The crazy legs you and your opponents create will make you laugh. Diverse and interesting racing tracks will also help you have many new experiences so that the fun of playing the game will never end. Join your friends to see what fun creations they have for your feet in this Draw Climber game!