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Dynamons 7


Introduction to the game Dynamons 7

Dynamons 7 is a new Pokemon episode in the Dynamons game series. Start the game and develop your pokemon army to new heights, defeating any serious opponent.

Build a pokemon army

To have a powerful pokemon army with strong fighting power, you need to constantly train the initial pokemon. You will choose a pokemon you love and then start training them in solo battles with other opponents. Winning Pokemon will increase their power and be upgraded to new forms. Use your power and advantage in the arena to capture your favorite pokemon. Gradually through the matches you will progress and have your own group of powerful pokemon.

Strengths and weaknesses of pokemon

In the game you will discover that each pokemon will have its own strengths and different stamina. You will have to be the one who knows best what the Pokemon you own has its strengths and weaknesses because you are the main commander. The power of the pokemon will be based on the power cards, which each pokemon will have its own cards. There are pokemon that will have many recovery cards and few attack cards and vice versa, so in each match you need to command in the right direction and have a specific strategy to win. After each battle, the experience points of each pokemon in battle will increase significantly, which will help the pokemon gain an advantage.

Discover new solo spots

The game developer has created many new battle environments for pokemon through play spots on the map. Conquering all these attractions is truly not easy. You need to practice your command skills and upgrade your pokemon constantly to be able to advance to new places to play. In these locations, you will need support items in the game to be able to destroy other teams. The further you go, the stronger Pokemon armies you will encounter. Try not to retreat but defeat everything to gain the final victory.