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Five Nights At Shreks Hotel takes the survival-horror elements of Five Nights at Freddy's and infuses in the personalities and settings of the Shrek universe.

Survive Five Nights At Shreks Hotel

You will have to survive five nights filled with dangers and surprises. Each night, players will face new challenges, from solving puzzles to unlock doors, to dodging traps and bizarre creatures that roam the hotel.

The game also warns you that it may contain jarring images, loud noises and startling surprises, to ensure you understand the nature and extent of the game's horror before you begin.

Plot of this game

The story revolves around the main character, who sold his house and moved to a new city to live. He doesn't have enough money to buy a new house, so, he decided to stay at Shrek's hotel for five nights to be able to earn the necessary money.

However, things are not that simple, The hotel manager is Shrek, but something is wrong with him. You will enter a series of tense and scary situations where they must find a way to survive nights full of dangers and surprises.

During the game, you will have to face Shrek in his bizarre mutated forms and avoid dangerous traps. Each night will bring new challenges and depending on the night the player is captured, Shrek will do the unimaginable.