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FNAF Backrooms is an interesting combination of FNAF and the endless Backrooms maze. Fight for survival against dangerous creatures in Backrooms Escape.

Horrible days in FNAF Backrooms

The game begins in an abandoned building with countless rooms and hallways, all painted pale yellow and with damp carpets. You accidentally found a secret door and are trapped inside this building. Your goal is to escape this location before you run out of lives or are devoured by strange creatures.

The gameplay of this game focuses on exploration and survival. You need to find food, water and other items to maintain life. You also need to be careful to avoid dangerous creatures lurking in Backrooms.

This is a horror game not for the faint of heart. The game may cause feelings of fear and anxiety in players. However, if you are a fan of the horror genre, this game should not be missed.

Game difficulty levels

The game has three different difficulty levels, and each level will appear a new toy. This creates excitement and unpredictability as you don't know what you will face next. The combination of the mysterious space of Backrooms and the horror characters from Five Nights at Freddy's creates an experience full of tension and suspense.

Level 0:

  • Is the first level where you start.
  • This level has an environment similar to an abandoned office.
  • You will encounter dangerous creatures such as The Entity and Smilers.

Level 1:

  • This level has a maze-like environment with concrete walls.
  • You will encounter dangerous creatures such as Hounds and Skinwalkers.

Level 2:

  • This level has a dark forest-like environment.
  • You will encounter dangerous creatures such as The Partygoers and Deathmoths.