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FNAF Sister Location


FNAF Sister Location takes players to Circus Baby's Pizza World, an entertainment area, but hidden inside are dark secrets and dangerous animatronic creatures.

A terrifying obsession in the dark nights

Starting as the fifth part in the famous horror game series Five Nights at Freddy's, players enter Circus Baby's Pizza World, this amusement park is completely different from the locations of previous versions. This is where there is a group of robot simulators called animatronics. and the game's protagonist is a new maintenance worker assigned to inspect and maintain the animatronics at the company.

Truth is not a mere guardian, you have to face strange and horror phenomena. Dark secrets are being uncovered and the further you go, learn the truth behind the animatronics and find a way to survive these five dangerous nights of work.

Before starting to explore the dark side, let's review the characters you will meet during the nights.

  • Circus Baby: The main animatronic in the game, designed as a small girl named Circus Baby. She is self-taught and has a dark past.
  • Ballora: Another animatronic, Ballora is designed as a female dancer. She controls a small group of small aircraft named Minireenas.
  • Funtime Freddy and Funtime Foxy: Funtime Freddy is a clown and Funtime Foxy is a fox simulator. They have scary personalities and can be dangerous for players.
  • Ennard: Ennard is an animatronic compiled from parts of other animatronics in the company. It has the ability to take the human body for makeup and disguise.

Explore each character's story and solve the problems from those stories.

Differences in this version

At first sight, the differences between the main characters are the biggest identifying thing. And each character contains different stories that need you to clarify.

Also differentiating this game from previous installments is the ability to move freely between rooms and objectives that change from night to night. Players must complete maintenance tasks while defending themselves from animatronics, machines that transform into assassins at night.