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Freddy's Chronicles


Freddy's Chronicles helps Freddy complete his mission of collecting batteries and VHS tapes. He will die if the battery runs out so perform the task quickly.

The story of Freddy's Chronicles

This game is an action-adventure experience set within the unnerving world of the Five Nights at Freddy's franchise. Embark on a challenging journey with Freddy Fazbear, the main character, as he makes his way through countless levels, facing obstacles and dangerous enemies.

Freddy is chasing the security guard, who has been guarding the pizza shop for five nights, out of the shop. It was unintentional that he scared the guard and ran away. Accidentally seeing a VHS tape on the table, he was suddenly sucked in and turned into a character in this tape.

Focus on the main task

Freddy unfortunately gets into something not so good because he is playing himself in VHS. Here, he receives the task of collecting batteries and VHS tapes. If he completes the task, he will be returned to his original state. To return to the present, you need to help him fulfill that wish.

Batteries are Freddy's main source of power. You need to collect batteries scattered throughout the levels to keep moving and taking action. The battery will drain over time, so you need to collect more to avoid running out of battery. Don't forget, collect enough VHS to unlock the door to another challenge until you actually complete the challenge.

Each level in this game has different obstacles that you need to avoid, such as holes, spikes, and traps. You need to move Freddy carefully to avoid colliding with these obstacles.