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Geometry Dash Horror


Geometry Dash Horror is an engaging horror game, inspired by famous Geometry Dash. This horror version will take you on a scary and thrilling adventure.

Experience a challenging horror platformer game

Play as a small character through levels filled with obstacles and scary mazes. Your task is to navigate rough roads and jump over dangerous obstacles, while avoiding traps and scary countdown timers. The combination of spooky music and eerie visuals only adds strength to the game's horror atmosphere.

However, don't stop there, this game also poses formidable challenges. The game's difficulty is one of the standout factors, with rapid movement and the sudden appearance of obstacles. You will need quick reflexes and extreme concentration to pass the levels. Every time you encounter failure, you will have to start from the beginning, creating a constant competition and challenge.

Horror background and images

The game takes players into a world full of darkness and mystery, where each level is designed with scary obstacles and spooky images. From sharp stone walls to unexpected obstacles, each element is designed to enhance the game's horror atmosphere.

The atmosphere is filled with horror like the red color surrounding it along with the horror-shaped door. Some objects with horror shapes will appear suddenly, startling you. Combined with that is a scary sound, making you wary when overcoming obstacles. The experience is better when you use the full screen and wear headphones to enjoy this horror space. This will be a new challenge for you in the horror game series on our website.