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Granny Street Rage Skibidi Toilet


About Granny Street Rage Skibidi Toilet

Granny Street Rage Skibidi Toilet is an extremely attractive action game. You need to clean up the streets now by destroying all the monstrous toilets.

Famous characters in the game

The game is a compilation of famous cartoon characters Cameramen, Granny, and Skibidi Toilet. In this game, you will control Cameramen or Granny to destroy all Skibidi Toilet on the street. They appear in increasing numbers and cause unsanitary conditions on the streets, so use technical action to defeat them all. The actions that you can use to control the character are punching, kicking, and jumping high. Moreover, you can pick up tools such as polishing pestles, knives, and guns along the way to use. All toilets will be destroyed quickly if you use these actions flexibly and reasonably.

Unlock many new streets

The game provides players with many new streets associated with famous landmarks such as New York, Los Angeles, Ohio, and many others streets. When you finish killing all the Skibidi on the initial street you will unlock different streets. Act quickly to explore all the locked streets!

How to control

To control the character in the game you need to use the following suggested playing keys:

  • Use arrow keys to move
  • Use the X key to punch
  • Use the C key to kick
  • Use the spacebar to jump
  • Use the E key to full health