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Play Hello Neighbor 2, the second edition of the Hello Neighbor series to fight off a scary neighbor. Look at him wandering around his house and your house.

About Hello Neighbor 2

Welcome to Hello Neighbor 2, the latest release in the renowned Hello Neighbor horror game franchise. This game puts you in the role of the main character, who must fight off scary neighbors to survive in a dangerous neighborhood.

Plot Of The Second Edition

In Hello Neighbor 2, you return to the neighborhood where the scary neighbor lives. However, this time, the neighbors are behaving more strangely and suspiciously than ever. You realize that you need to uncover your neighbors' dark secrets and learn about what's going on in this neighborhood.

Your mission is to collect information and solve puzzles to discover secret areas in your neighbor's house. You must move freely and avoid the attention of neighbors to access restricted areas. The presence of a neighbor will always be scary and unpredictable because he can appear at any time and from any direction. You have to be careful and smart to not get caught.

Gameplay of Hello Neighbor 2

Hello Neighbor 2 brings you a horror and tense experience. You will have to crawl through the neighbor's house, explore secret rooms, search for certain objects, and solve puzzles to progress further in the game. Each time you go further, your neighbors will become smarter and more difficult to catch you.

Graphics and Sound

Hello Neighbor 2 is designed with high-quality graphics and scary soundscapes. Through it, you can immerse yourself in a horror and tense atmosphere. Every sound, every sight, and every action of your neighbor will increase your anxiety and fear as you complete your mission.