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Help Wanted is a horror game where you become a night guard at a scary factory. Your mission is to survive 5 nights before the sudden attack of animatronics.

Plot Of Help Wanted

This horror game takes place in a famous amusement factory, where there is a playground with animatronic robots. During the day, they are friendly and fun characters for children. However, at night, they become unusual and scary. You will work in a security office equipped with surveillance systems to monitor areas within the factory.

How To Survive

Strategies For Help Wanted

For 5 nights, you must use security cameras and doors to monitor and protect yourself from animatronics attacks. They move around the factory and can get into your security office. Keep an eye on the monsters through the camera feed and quickly close the door to keep them away from you.

Energy and Time Management

An important element in this Help Wanted game is managing your energy and time. Your security office only has a limited amount of energy to power the surveillance system and doors. You need to use energy intelligently and economically to avoid being attacked when energy runs out.

As you progress through the nights, the animatronics will become smarter and harder to avoid. They will use different attack tactics and try to reach you faster. You need to stay focused and use your skills to survive each scary night.

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