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Horror Nights Story


About Horror Nights Story

Horror Nights Story is a dramatic escape game about miners trapped underground. Escape from the monster's pursuit and find a way out as quickly as possible.

In the game you will play the role of a miner. During his work, his exit was covered by dirt. Using the available materials, help the worker dig a way out and avoid these scary underground dangers.

Underground dangers

Entering the game you will see that the game now appears as a room on both sides and behind you are walls and there are 4 tunnels in front of you. You will not be able to live without oxygen and light. In addition, you will have to face dangerous monsters in the other 4 tunnels. In short, this place cannot help you survive for long, so you need to act and find a way out to avoid being buried underground.

How to escape?

You will escape from here when you need to make your own action plans. First, you need to maintain oxygen to breathe and fires to create light to help you dig your way and chase away monsters. Luckily, the oxygen tank is still next to you. Pay attention to the oxygen tank's energy bar. If it decreases, turn on the tank to gain more energy. Next, pay attention to the flames, don't let these flames go out by continuously adding fuel to the fire. If the flames go out the monsters will have a chance to attack you immediately. In the tunnel you will now see the appearance of monsters with extremely scary red eyes. Make noise to chase these monsters away. Once oxygen, fire and monsters are under control, start digging a tunnel to escape. Dig until you find the bomb, it will help you clear the tunnel and escape. Note, during the process of digging bombs you need to constantly observe and check oxygen tanks, fire and monsters to stay safe.

Detailed instructions on how to play

In the game you will have to perform consecutive actions so pay attention to the following control steps:

  • Move the character to the oxygen tank. To turn on the oxygen tank, click on the Start key to turn it on.
  • Move your mouse to the flames and click to add more fuel
  • Move the mouse to each cave location. If you see a monster, click to chase the monster away.
  • Move the character to the wall position, click to start digging the tunnel.