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Hungry Lamu


The gameplay of Hungry Lamu

Hungry Lamu is an awesome horror game with two stages and multiple endings. Find food if you are Lamu. Escape from the forest if you are a man.

The Roles of Lamu and the Man

The gameplay mechanics in this game provide a captivating and dynamic experience. Controlling Lamu in the first stage using arrow keys, you traverse the forest, seeking sustenance while simultaneously avoiding the escape attempts of the fruit friends. The incorporation of fire, bee hives, and tree-chopping adds an element of strategy and problem-solving to the gameplay, making each encounter with the fruit friends a thrilling and rewarding pursuit.

Transitioning to the second stage, the shift to 3D graphics enhances the immersion and intensifies the atmosphere. As the man, you are compelled to explore the dark forest, desperately searching for your friends. The urgency to locate the car and escape heightens the sense of danger and builds suspense. The controls, such as the flashlight activation and car navigation, further immerse you in the haunting environment, creating an unforgettable gaming experience.


Press the arrow keys if you want to control Lamu to move around the park.

Press an E key if you want to use an axe to chop the tree or consume fruit friends.

Press an F key if you want to turn on the flashlight.

Multiple endings of Hungry Lamu

One of the standout features of this game is the presence of multiple endings, adding depth and replayability to the game. Each decision you make throughout your journey influences the outcome, providing a sense of agency and consequence. Ending 1, known as "Road Kill," presents a chilling conclusion as you meet Lamu after finding your car, only to meet a swift and grim demise. Ending 2, "Full Course Meal," takes a different turn, where your actions as Lamu lead to a broken car, trapping you in the forest with a fatal encounter with the hungry sheep.

The inclusion of multiple endings adds layers of intrigue, encouraging you to explore different paths and make thoughtful choices. It raises questions about the consequences of our decisions and the unpredictability of the game's world, making each playthrough a unique and gripping experience.