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Merge Fruits


Play Merge Fruits to match 2 same fruits together and create a bigger fruit and get the game score. How many points can you get from this connection game?

Merge Fruits Introduction

This new game has different gameplay compared to the regular games on our Poppy Playtime Chapter 3 website. Usually, games tend to be horror games with dark backgrounds and spooky themes. However, this Merge Fruits game has arcade gameplay with a bright background. It is like a bright sun in a dark world.

You don't need to be brave to join Merge Fruits. The challenges in this new game are extremely simple to merge fruits.

Fruit-Merging Game

In Merge Fruits, the tasks of all players are the same.

Missions for All Players

In this puzzle game, you must earn the highest score by combining similar small fruits to create bigger fruits until a watermelon is produced. These fruits are larger in size and have higher value. This is your goal: create the biggest watermelon and get the highest score. The gameplay of Merge Fruits is towards infinity. Therefore, if you don't reach the finish line, this new game will last forever.

Finish Line Of Merge Fruits

The finish line of this puzzle game is hidden. You can just predict where the finish line is and avoid touching it. When you touch this finish line, all the fruits will be removed and this Merge Fruits game will end.