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Night Invasion


Relevant information on Night Invasion

It's time to join the combat with the scary aliens in Night Invasion. Find all aliens in your room and shoot down them before they murder you.

The story behind the game

One night, when you are sleeping, you hear a strange noise. You wake up and find that your room is full of aliens. They are green and small. They attack you constantly with the aim of eliminating you. What should you do now?

The battle against aliens

In this game, you need to take part in the fight against the aliens. You will lie on the bed and hold a rifle to battle with the aliens. Note that you cannot move. Look around to find the aliens that can hide in the bookshelf, on the table, chairs, and so on. After finding them, you need to aim and shoot down them. Keep in mind that these aliens move in a certain pattern. Therefore, one tip is to aim at the same place and fire the gun when the aliens reach the aimed places. You will encounter an unlimited number of waves of aliens. Your goal is to eliminate as many aliens as possible and survive as long as possible.

How to control

Use the mouse to look around the room to find the aliens.

Hold the right mouse button to aim at aliens.

Click the left mouse button to shoot down the aliens.

Upgrades in Night Invasion

Before entering the fight, you can upgrade your statistics. This will assist you in surviving longer in the attack of aliens.

  • Health: You can use your coins to raise your health by 25%.
  • Powerup: Powerups spawn more frequently.
  • Medkit: Medkits give more health.
  • Reflex: You can upgrade your reflex to find more aliens.
  • Speed: Finally, do not forget to upgrade your shooting speed.