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Poppy Arrow


About Poppy Arow

Poppy Arrow is an entertaining game with many fun levels to play. Apply your aiming and shooting skills accurately to help Poppy shoot down all the zombies.

Train Poppy's archery skills

In the game your task is to find the appropriate shooting direction to hit all the zombies standing in many different positions. To aim accurately, you need to grasp the properties of the arrow and the shooting paths. The arrow path will be described by blurred lines, taking advantage of this you can accurately shoot zombies in the direct direction of fire. The special thing you need to pay attention to is the elasticity of the arrow. When the arrow hits the wall, it will bounce and continuously collide until the bouncing force runs out. Using this physics of the arrow, you will be able to destroy all zombies in positions that are difficult to destroy directly.

Explore new levels of gameplay

The game gives you a lot of challenges through 36 different levels. As you advance to higher levels, you will face more difficult shots. To complete these levels, try all shooting angles to find the most accurate shooting path. Levels will be unlocked gradually as you complete each level.

How to play Poppy Arrow

To aim the shot, click and release the mouse to shoot. Because the game does not limit the number of arrows, you can try many different shooting routes to successfully complete each level. During archery, you should also pay attention to shooting at safe angles, because the arrow can bounce towards you. If you get hit by an arrow you will have to replay that level. If you love adventure games with Poppy, you can join the game Wuggy Adventures.