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Riddle Transfer


About Riddle Transfer

Riddle Transfer is an extremely attractive situation-solving game. With an engaging story and a clear escape goal, will you get through the prison easily?

Summary of the game's story

The main characters in the game are a group of aliens, they landed on Earth and were surrounded by an army with advanced weapons. All the aliens were captured and locked up in different locations for research. In the game, you will control aliens to escape from prison to rescue other aliens.

Puzzles in the game

The game constantly puts you in situations where you have to think to find the correct and safest way out. Don't worry because the surrounding items will be suggestions for you to escape easily. Use everything you can open and read its features. After you have found a way to escape from prison, follow the directions to the next discovery. Try to find the clues by asking questions and keep looking for keys to rescue your friends.

How to play

To explore and open all the objects in the game, click on the object you want to open. To go to other locations, click on the suggested arrow image.

Features in Riddle Transfer

The game takes players into an extremely unique role-playing world. The game's environment is designed with many different ideas that are extremely beautiful, with detailed and realistic graphics that help bring the game world to life. The game's sound and music are also top-notch, with a dramatic background music that makes players feel lost in a completely new planet.

Besides the graphics and sound features, the game's interface is also a very interesting topic to discuss here. The game's interface is user-friendly, especially players can navigate the character quickly when interacting with the surrounding environment. A lot of interesting things in Riddle Transfer are waiting for you, the game will definitely bring you hours of fun and enjoyment.