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Play Scary Maze to challenge your ability to move steadily and your courage. If you fail to move through the maze, scary images will appear.

How To Move In Maze

Your task is to use the mouse to control your dot to move through the mazes safely without entering the dangerous zones. This moving way is extremely simple, so all players can control this online game. However, you should be careful when manipulating your dot because the dot moves very easily. Therefore, it is easy to collide with walls. If this happens, you must play Scary Maze again from level 1. Therefore, you should pay a high attention and carefully take control of the dot to avoid all the walls of the frightening mazes. Attempt to reach the end of the maze safely to move to the next level.

Horror Elements In Scary Maze

This online game focuses mainly on controlling your dot, but the horror element is also a feature of this game. When you successfully finish a level, the Scary Maze game will move to the next level immediately. However, if you fail at any level, the game will unexpectedly display horror images. This factor will keep you awake to challenge the next levels.

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