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Skibidi in the Backrooms


Skibidi in the Backrooms takes you into the Backrooms which is full of scary things. Survive and escape from the Skibidi, who you have to run away from.

An Unusual Survival Experience

The story of this game revolves around a character who accidentally falls into a mystery called Backrooms Escape 1 - a parallel world, endless and full of unpredictable threats. Your mission is to use limited resources to survive as long as possible.

A dark, old yellow room without any windows or doors. Your destiny is to survive for a long time in this room and the danger you must avoid is Skibidi, a monster with the head of a toilet body and legs like those of a spider. If you spot it, immediately run away and avoid its sight if you want to survive. To check if the monster is still chasing you, use Map for formatting.

The impressive point of this game is the way it creates a spooky and tense atmosphere for players. You will feel nervous and worried when you have to run away from Skibidi. It will haunt you and take some time to reformulate.

Decode The Mysteries

For each challenge, the beginning of the game will ask you to do some small challenges such as how many tapes, pieces of paper, etc. to collect. During the process of collecting them, always be wary of Skibidi and hide from them quickly. The more you collect the requested objects, the more you will discover the mysteries here and be able to find a way out of this hellish place.