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The spot of The Malevolent Mansion of Evil

The Malevolent Mansion of Evil is a thrilling action horror game. Play as a policeman whose task is to uncover the secrets of the missing people.

Like Granny, this game also features a captivating gameplay. This game is about Officer Thompson who is famous as a talented policeman. Although he successfully solved cases ranging from murders to thefts, he still cannot solve a case of missing people. Despite extensive efforts, the investigation has yielded no leads or clues, leaving the victims seemingly vanishing into thin air. The entire police department has been tirelessly working on the case, but progress has been frustratingly minimal. Officer Thompson holds suspicions regarding a large, aged mansion that he believes could be linked to the disappearances. However, his repeated requests for a search permit have been consistently denied by higher authorities. Because the mansion belongs to Asher McKenzie, a former Centcom general, he is not allowed to enter the mansion. One fateful night, Officer Thompson receives a cryptic and distorted phone call. After tracing its origin, he realizes that it originated from within the mansion itself. Driven by determination and a disregard for the orders of higher authorities, he becomes resolute in his decision to enter the mansion and uncover its secrets, even if it means facing potential consequences.

The playing instruction of The Malevolent Mansion of Evil

Joining the combat

At the start of the game, you need to find the key to unlock the doors of the mansion. Then, enter the mansion and start your investigation. Let's run around the mansion to find the clues about the missing people. Besides, you also need to watch out for the monsters and undead who hide in the mansion. Let's shoot down these monsters and undead before they approach you. Besides, note that your gun has only 40 bullets. If you run out of ammo, you should find and collect another gun in the mansion.

Uncovering the secrets of the mansion

The mansion hides many secrets. You need to look at the pictures and objects and enter different rooms to find clues about the missing people. You need to search for the hostage holding room. Attempt to free all hostages and take them out of the lab,


If you want to run around the mansion, press the arrow keys.

If you want to raise your running speed, use a Shift key and an up arrow key.

If you want to shoot at the enemies, hold the right mouse button and then click the left mouse button.

If you want to collect the weapons, use an F key.

If you want to use other weapons, use the 2,3, and 4 keys.

If you want to reload the game, use an R key.