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TrollFace Quest: Horror is inspired by famous horror movies, where players must use intelligence and creativity to overcome levels with unexpected situations.

Troll the game again in TrollFace Quest: Horror

The game requires you to think and figure out how to solve puzzles. You may need to perform certain actions, search for objects or create ridiculous combinations. The game is also famous for its jokes and humor. Not only is it about overcoming challenges but also about enjoying funny and adorable situations during the game.

Sometimes the answer to the challenge makes you feel ridiculous and confusing. Even so, that's still the answer. You can apply the solution from the previous challenge to the next challenge, but it may or may not work. If you can't find the solution, ask for help using the ? on the screen, it will help you spark ideas.

Other information

Many different contexts

This game includes many scenes from famous horror movies, from "Saw" to "Scream", and even "Anabel". Each scene is a separate puzzle that the player needs to solve by interacting with elements in the level.

Many ridiculous challenges are waiting for you to explore. Don't solve the problem in the usual way, solve it in the most unusual way, that way will be much more effective. Some of the settings may or may not be familiar to you, either way, enjoy the game.

Sound and graphics

This game has horror images and sounds. You will meet familiar characters from horror movies and see them recreated in a humorous and funny way. Lovely graphics and funny sound effects will make the game interesting and addictive.