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Ultimate Custom Night is a survival horror video game that delivers a challenging as you face 50 animatronic characters from seven different FNAF games.

Frightful night with 50 animatronic characters

Survive the night from 12pm to 6am while facing 50 animatronic characters from previous Five Nights at Freddy's games. This game brings together a huge cast of animatronic characters from the previous five FNAF games, along with some new, more mysterious and dangerous characters. Each character has its own attack mechanism and difficulty level, forcing players to constantly adapt and come up with reasonable strategies to survive.

Resource management

You have a limited amount of energy to use for equipment such as heaters, air conditioners, generators, and surveillance systems. Using energy wisely is key to survival.

Animatronics Tracking

Each animatronic character has a unique behavior pattern, and you need to monitor them through security cameras, windows, and vents to prevent them from reaching you.

Adjust Difficulty Level

You can customize the difficulty level of each animatronic, from 0 to 20, to create a personalized and challenging gaming experience.

Complete the Challenge

Ultimate Custom Night offers a challenge menu with 16 themed challenges, requiring you to use different strategies to survive.

Player Experience

Players rate Ultimate Custom Night as a standout game in the FNAF series, offering a unique and highly customizable gaming experience. The game's strength lies in its customization options, challenging mechanics, and impressive graphics and sound design, making it a must-see for series fans and gamers alike. horror game lover.