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Unlikely plays dice with the clown, it seems like a healthy game but when it reaches the end, the clown turns into a demon that makes you terrified.

The plot of Unlikely

Step into a dark room, there is a clown waiting for you to come play with it. Clowns are always associated with a humorous and humorous image, but no, there's something very strange about it. He became more terrifying, his teeth became sharper, his eyes seemed to want to devour you. Why is that, simply if you win against him, he will not be happy, the bigger you win, the angrier he will be. Reach the extreme point to see what the clown will do to you next.

What should you do in this game?

Play with the clown, on the table are a stack of cards, some dice and a secret box. Turn over the card with the same number of dice as the three dice rolled. If flipped correctly, the clown will not be happy. If you run out of dice rolls, use the secret box to reroll to get more rolls. Play until the clown can't stand it anymore and goes crazy, see what he will do to you next.

The game will get more and more difficult as the challenge will get harder. Concentrate wholeheartedly on finding a way to solve the problem. Can't reveal more and please experience it yourself to find a solution for yourself. Pay attention to the emotions of the clown, who is testing you with puzzling challenges.