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Vampire Survivors is an endless fighting game between heroes and vampires. In the vampire world, how long can you survive and how many vampires can you kill?

The Vampire World

This Vampire Survivors game will take you to a scary vampire world. This world is created with a dark and mysterious tone. Through that, players can immerse themselves in a dark and scary space.

The vampire world is full of strange creatures and demons. Vampires are immortal and vicious creatures and possess supernatural powers and the ability to suck their blood. Other monsters such as werewolves and black magic may also appear. This Vampire Survivors game contains all these dangerous creatures to create challenges for the players.

Besides, the sound in Vampire Survivors also plays an important role in creating a scary atmosphere. Creepy hissing sounds, gurgling sounds of monsters, and mysterious sounds from dark corners will add to the feeling of tension for players. Turn on the sound of this fighting game to enjoy this vampire world at its best.

Vampire Survivors Gameplay

Players start this online game by choosing a character.

In-Game Hero Character

Vampire Survivors provides 4 characters for players to choose from. When you enter a match, you will transform into this heroic character. This feature is completely different from Five Nights at Freddy's 2 where you can only transform into a night guard. Although Five Nights at Freddy's 2 horror theme is more prominent, it does not have a diverse selection of characters.

In Vampire Survivors, the default character is Antonio and the remaining 3 characters are locked. If you want to be one of the remaining characters, you need to unlock them.

Enter Matches Of Vampire Survivors

When you enter online matches, you can move your character through the arrow keys. After that, your hero can automatically attack surrounding vampires. However, the speed and attack range are not great, so don't forget to upgrade your character.