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Zoolax Nights


Zoolax Nights plays the role of a toy storekeeper named Zoolax. But something unexpected happens when you discover that the dolls are behaving strangely.

Plot of Zoolax Nights

The game revolves around a haunted toy store called Zoolax. In the past, this store used to be a place for children to play and shop, but after a series of strange events, it has become a dangerous and scary place.

Take on the role of a newly hired employee working as a night shopkeeper at Zoolax. Your job is to maintain security and make sure that no one breaks in or creates a disturbance in the store. However, you soon realize that the Zoolax store is not simply abandoned or haunted by a lone spirit. Instead, the dolls and monsters in the store control themselves and have dark intentions.

Quests to do in Zoolax

Based on the idea of Five Nights at Freddy's, your mission in this game is to survive five nights in the store and keep yourself safe. Monitor security cameras to monitor the activities of dolls and monsters. If you see them approaching you, you must close the door and turn off the lights to avoid being attacked.

Besides, you are also responsible for managing resources such as electricity and camera batteries to protect yourself. To save electricity and battery, I advise you to use the cameras and close the door when necessary. Some useful items in the store can help you survive such as flashlights or toys to avoid stepping into monster traps.

The hardest thing for you is that every night the dolls and monsters become more cunning, forcing you to think carefully and plan carefully to avoid them and find a way to survive the night. You will feel suffocated and your heart will beat more frantically. However, try to keep calm and make the right decisions if you want to survive til the end. No matter whether you can become the only hero to safely survive five nights, it all depends on your abilities and mindset.