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Amanda The Adventure


Amanda The Adventure is a journey through VHS tapes from the past, the episodes get weird the more you watch them. Explore and find the truth of the matter.

The unusual thing about this game

The TV in the house is on. Players will watch episodes of a fictional children's television show from the early 2000s, with the main character being a girl named Amanda and her friend Wooly the Sheep. Thought the episodes were normal but strange things gradually appeared, are you curious about the truth in this situation? You also see something unusual when participating in a bet with the clown in Unlikely, at first the betting is very normal but it is also very strange when going away.

Find out the truth of the matter

First, watch the VHS tapes and interact with the characters Amanda and Wooly by entering answers to their questions. The answers will lead players to find a shocking secret. The tapes contain hidden secrets and messages that you need to discover. Be careful with every decision you make because it will lead you to many different endings depending on your choices and actions during the game.

Curiosity drives players to continue watching the tapes, even though there is a hunch that tells them they should stop. The story becomes even more complicated when the player feels as if Amanda needs their help. The game offers a brief yet profound horror experience, with animated sequences telling a disturbing story, all cloaked in the guise of an animated children's show. With its 90s-style CGI graphics, Amanda The Adventure is reminiscent of a simpler era of animation. The characters interact directly with the viewer, something any '90s kid would dream of... or maybe a nightmare.