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Among Us


Among Us takes you to the crew of a giant spaceship. Where to become an impostor or successfully kill or be discovered, it all depends on your abilities.

Kill or be discovered!

You will transform into a fake astronaut in a crew of astronauts on a spaceship. This is no ordinary ship, this ship has a hole and it is this hole that the impostor broke into and killed people. That's why your mission is to kill the astronaut without being detected by anyone.

The time for a challenge is limited, so take advantage of the best opportunity to strike or else you will be killed. Or if anyone finds out you're assassinating another astronaut, the challenge will also fail. So make a perfect murder plan without letting anyone know.

Although this game belongs to the horror genre, it is not as heavy as FNAF Sister Location, very suitable for children because it limits violence as well as uses all abilities and strategies to win every challenge.

How to kill someone successfully

To avoid suspicion, act like other normal astronauts, which is to go around the rooms to find the impostor. This is also a good opportunity to help you master the rooms to successfully assassinate people. Avoid unusual actions that will attract suspicion.

Follow another astronaut and corner him in a place where no one will notice for the most successful assassination. Choose a place with a certain level of darkness so that no one will be noticed. Switch to another goal if you feel the current goal is too difficult to reach to avoid wasting time.