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Barry Has A Secret


Wonderful information about Barry Has A Secret

Barry Has A Secret is a scary action horror game. Your ultimate objective is to assist Barry in hiding pieces of evidence after he murdered a person.

The story

This story revolves around a murderer named Barry. After murdering a person in his house, he dismembered this person. The parts of this person's body and weapons are scattered around the house. Suddenly, the pops appear and ask to examine Barry's house. If they find these pieces of evidence, Barry will be arrested. What should he do now?

Scary gameplay

In this game, you will step into the shoes of the main character, Barry. You are required to complete different missions. While doing these missions, you can find pieces of evidence around the house. You must be quick to pick them up and hide them carefully. The cops are standing in front of your house and asking to enter your house. You must hide the evidence before the cops come in. If the cops investigate and find any piece of evidence, the game is over. Therefore, try to survive as long as possible and avoid being arrested.


Use the mouse to look around.

Use the arrow key to guide the man to move around.

Click the left mouse button to pick up objects.

Developer and release date

This game was developed by sandfella who is a new game publisher. It was released as a simulated game on April 24, 2018 and is appreciated by many players in the gaming community. Like Help Wanted, the game is only playable on the web browser on PC. Play this game on the full screen to have the most immersive playing experience. Besides, do not forget to invite your friends to play this great horror game with you.