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Capybara Clicker


Capybara Clicker is an online clicking game in which you click on an adorable capybara to create mini capybaras and unlock other fun features.

Adorable Capybara

In the Capybara Clicker game, the main character is a lovely capybara that you can click to create small capybaras. This character always makes interesting sounds and exciting effects. Online players also love this character because it is an adorable pet.

In addition, the capybara character can unlock many new features. For example, you can unlock dozens of skins for your character. In particular, special clicking abilities are also demonstrated.

Clicking Abilities Of Capybara Clicker

Your capybara character can create small capybaras and you can increase performance with the following special clicking abilities.

X2 Mini Capybara

When you play Capybara Clicker, you can click on the capybara continuously. When you click, you will see a progress bar on the left. When this progress bar is full, your productivity will double. With each click, you can create 2 mini capybaras. With this ability, you will create more capybara.

Clicking Power Of Capybara Clicker

This online game also has many other clicking powers such as Cursor, Auto Click, and Mr Clicker. With these powers, you can automatically create mini capybars and increase clicking speed. There are many other click powers in Capybara Clicker. Unlock them and discover their great potential!

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