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Elastic Man


Play Elastic Man for perfect entertainment by pulling and releasing super elastic skin. Seeing how that skin reacts is a wonderful experience! This gameplay is completely different from Horror Grimace Burn or Die.

About Elastic Man

This new game allows you to enjoy perfect entertainment benefits. In this game, you can play a man with the ability to stretch and relax a super elastic layer.

With this special ability, you can stretch Elastic Man's skin, stretch it, and relax it to create unique reactions. You will witness strange variations and unexpected reactions from this super elastic skin.

More Game Details

Experience on Elastic Man gives you a humorous feeling. You can experiment with different pulling and releasing techniques to create unique reactions. In addition, it also creates funny jokes. While you watch your skin respond the way you want, you can get a wonderful and enjoyable experience.

Get ready to embark on a full creative adventure and enjoy the unique entertainment in Elastic Man. Stretch and relax the super elastic layer. Its flexible mode will help you discover the magical reactions. You won't be able to stop laughing and having fun while playing this game!