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About Horror Grimace Burn or Die

Horror Grimace Burn or Die is a dramatic monster escape game. This game has no way out, the important thing is how long you can survive in this game.

Nightmare world in the game

Starting the game you will find you are trapped in a tunnel with many people who are panicking. Under this tunnel appears an extremely scary purple monster, it is aiming at everyone and constantly attacks. Your mission is to run away from the monster's pursuit, preventing it from getting close to you by any means. The best way for you to survive for a long time is to start taking action and move quickly.

How to safeguard yourself from monstrous attacks?

The game equips you with underground passages and specialized items to aid you in defeating monsters. You can move quickly from one tunnel to another to escape the monsters' sights. Sometimes you need to take action to stop a monster's attack using flames. Using this fire and throwing it at the monsters will prevent the monsters from chasing you for a short time. If you want to stop the monsters longer, use the fire and burn the trash on the way. These monsters have strong vitality, so keep running to survive as long as possible.

The game brings a feeling of suspense

The game has many elements that thrill and surprise you. In addition to running away from monsters, you will experience different environments and puzzles. Like the game Help Wanted, horrifying secrets will gradually be revealed. With dramatic gameplay combined with creepy atmosphere and sounds, it will bring an exciting experience. The game is very suitable for those who love the thrill of horror and survival games. So are you ready to face your fears in the game Horror Grimace Burn or Die?

How to control

  • Use WASD keys to move
  • Use the mouse to navigate
  • Use the spacebar to grab fire and throw fire