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Exhibit Of Sorrows is a horror game set in an exhibition with a strange circus theme. Follow the clown's instructions, otherwise you won't get out of here.

Enter the exhibition full of horror

The game begins in the space of the Exhibit of Sorrows, where not everything is stable. You will move through the increasingly creepy exhibition and examine the bizarre dolls on display. Interact with the dolls to reveal the key. Be prepared to do terrible things to get out.

At first the atmosphere is very cheerful, but do you see that something evil is haunting you? It is the smile of the clown, your guide, that is gradually losing its humanity. At its peak, that creepy smile reached its peak and the whole scene turned bloody red.

As you go deeper into the game, the atmosphere becomes increasingly oppressive and unsettling. The same exhibits you encountered before now take on a new, nightmarish, disturbing guise, adding to the sense of dread and urgency. The further you progress, the more the game's environment becomes immersed in a dark and unpleasant atmosphere, increasing the tension and forcing you to make cruel sacrifices to ensure your own survival.

Feelings after exiting the exhibition

When you exit the exhibition gate, you will feel lost and shocked as you cannot accept the stories that have just happened to you. How is your current mood after playing this game?

Although it has a dark tone, it may not be as scary as other horror games like FNAF Backrooms but it still has a story to explore that will keep you watching until the end. Though its chilling content may unsettle players, Exhibit of Sorrows is nevertheless an outstanding horror game that merits the attention of genre fans.