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Five Nights at Huggy


Become a night guard at a toy factory

Five Nights at Huggy turns you into a night guard at a toy factory. While you work here, mysterious events happen and you need to survive until 6 am.

In this game, you got a night job with a high salary. That is to become a night security guard for a factory. This factory is old and it looks like it has been abandoned for many years. The dim lights and strange walking sounds in the factory scared many people. Please wear headphones to experience the darkness in this game. Giant toys with gloomy faces appear in the rooms and they move around as if looking for something. They have become dangerous monsters and they are looking for you. Now, you need to protect yourself to complete the mission in this game. For more horror games, you can try Amanda The Adventure.

Survive until 6 am in Five Nights at Huggy

To be able to survive the dangerous night, you must clearly understand some of the following rules. If you are familiar with this genre, you can skip this guide.

Close the door

Unlike other parts of the FNAF series, this game has only one door. So, it will be easier for you to pass this version. As soon as Huggy Wuggy or Mommy Long Legs approach your room, immediately close the door. They cannot reach you if the door is closed. However, closing the door will consume the electricity you have. So, save electricity by closing the door at the right time.

Monitor the toys

You can monitor the toys through cameras installed in different rooms. Additionally, you can also see the toys when they stand in front of your door by turning on the lights. All of these actions will cause you to consume some electricity in the building.